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Blackjack Strategy – A Simple Betting Strategy

This article assumes that you have a decent knowledge of the game. Otherwise, at the end of this article, I have a resource that should be helpful. For now, I will share with you a paris blackjack strategy that will help you stay in the dark, in front of the house… pardon the pun. I hope you find useful.

Ok, explains the theory behind the strategy. Blackjack, assuming you know your strategy at the base and outside, is a game of chance, with the house, with a slight advantage. In other words, mathematically, with two hands of blackjack, on average, you win one hand and lose a hand. If this is true, then the only way to beat the house is to take for you to get if you lose and you get more money if you earn less money. It’s a simple strategy that will do just that.

Suppose we play a blackjack table minimum of $ 10. In this case, what we want to do is bet $ 20 on the first part. You’ll see why in a moment. Assuming we win the first hand. In fact, it is a statistical fact that 70% of people in casinos at one time or another, but the reason to lose them as they take place in Paris. Therefore, since we have $ 20 now deserve what we want to do in our next part, is our place at the table minimum bet of $ 10 or.

Check out what happens if we lose this bet. We won the first bet of $ 20, the second bet lost $ 10. We play the same house won and who lost, and yet… We have $ 10 in it. Okay, you know? Do you see how powerful this system? In a rustic table win-lose-win-lose, you can really clean.

The rest of the course is as follows… $ 15, $ 20, $ 25, $ 30, $ 35… and so on until you lose. Then start again from $ 20 to $ 10 after a win. If you lose three times, moves away from the table.

Barda Gibbs